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Christian Growth Seminar
(Also our CFCI Membership Course)

The Christian Growth Seminar is specially designed for the newly born in the Lord, to help them understand salvation.  It also helps them to know how to allow the new life that they have just received to flourish and dominate in and through them, as they become like Christ. 


It is also designed to help those who want to grow spiritually.  This course covers the major truths that will lay a strong foundation for mature and new believers.

Some of the subjects covered on this course are:

  • Understanding some aspects of salvation
  • Water baptism
  • Three steps to receive anything from God in prayer
  • Growing as a spiritual being
  • Receiving the power of God
  • God is interested in your financial success
  • Praise and worship

​Course duration: 10 hours 
(4 Wednesday evenings/ 1 Saturday.)

Under Cover

Liberty, provision, and protection belong to those under the shadow of the Almighty. This curriculum will help you gain an understanding of God’s divine authority, both direct and delegated. You will flourish as you learn to properly respond to the authority figures in every area of your life.

Topics include:

  • The Secret Power of Lawlessness
  • Does God know who is in Charge?
  • Honour the King
  • Obedience and Submission
  • What If Authority Tells Me?
  • Unfair Treatment
  • Self Inflicted Judgment

Course duration: 8 hours 
(2 hours per week on 1 evening for 4 weeks.) 

Full Flame

If you’ve ever dreamed of doing something great for God, but weren’t sure of the qualifications needed, Full Flame answers your questions and reveals those same biblical principles that propelled Reinhard Bonnke to become one of today’s leading soul-winners.

Full Flame harnesses the power of dramatic story-telling to share the important concepts that you need to know and Reinard Bonnke’s gift for illustrating complex biblical principles with clarity anyone can understand is like no other. Together, these create an entertaining and empowering experience, regardless of your Bible knowledge, education level, or religious affiliation.

Full flame is Your passport for discovering the fire that God has waiting for you!

Course duration: 10 hours
(4 Wednesday evenings.)

Biblical Foundations For Life 

This is our discipleship course.

Some of the topics are:

  • The Godhead.
  • The Person and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  • The integrity of God’s Word.
  • Developing a life of Prayer
  • The ministry of Angels
  • Your private time with God each day.
  • Faith and how it works.
  • Your words are a creative force.
  • Knowing God’s love and showing it.
  • What is means to be a disciple of Jesus.
  • Divine healing.
  • Divine prosperity.

Course duration: 10 hours
(4 Wednesday evenings)

Biblical Principles Of Marriage 

The intention of this course is to share how God has intended and still intends marriages to be, that marriages are ordained of God and that He wants our marriages to prosper. You will study the Word of God with the focus on marriage and related topics.

Some of the topics are:

  • Dealing with Baggage, Generational Curses & Soul Ties
  • Divorce
  • Leaving & Cleaving
  • In-Laws
  • The Role & Responsibility of the Husband & Wife
  • Parent – Child Relationships
  • Finance in Marriage
  • Communication
  • Romance
  • Intimacy in Marriage
  • Traditional Marriage
  • Blended Families

 Course duration: 18 hours 
(2 hours per week on 1 evening for 9 weeks)

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